Community Service

Community Service Criteria       

At GFMS, we encourage our students to help in our communities beyond the scope of the school day. Helping within your family unit is not accepted as volunteer work (although we love when it happens) therefore, family signing off on our Community Service Sheet is not allowed. Forms are available online or in our administrator offices.  Please return forms to your grade level administrator by June 1st. Once the service of 65 total hours is completed, the student will get a distinction at their Eighth Grade Graduation. This is voluntary only.  The following is a list by grade including the hours suggested to attain the total of 65 hours required for this community service recognition.

  • Grade 5 - 5 hours
  • Grade 6 - 10 hours
  • Grade 7 - 25 hours
  • Grade 8 - 25 hours  

Community Service Form