We've been using tuners a lot in band.  Please download a tuner on any smart device that you have.  Here is a combination free tuner and metronome:


You can download it and begin using it.  If you don't like this app, download any "chromatic tuner" available.  A guitar tuner will only tune 6 notes.  Good luck!

Grade 5 Information

click here for 5th grade page

5th grade supply list  5th grade Supply List 2020 - start of school year.pdf 
- List of all the supplies your 5th grader will need for band

Grade 5 Handbook - Click here:  5th grade Handbook.pdf 
- Remember to print and return only the signature page after you have reviewed the entire book at home!

Grades 6, 7, 8 Information

For the   6th.7th.8th grade handbook:    
- Remember to print and return only the signature page after you have reviewed the entire book at home!

For 7th and 8th graders click here for your requirements sheet

Still need to order your Child's Band Book?

Utilize this link. Just CLICK, then find your child's book & instrument and add it to your cart!

Measures of Success book 1 for Grades 5 & 6
Measures of Success book 2 for Grades 6 & 7
Student Instrumentalist Course Book 2 for Grade 8 

Link to GFMS Band Books

Ordering Music

Need to Order Music?  Need a Measure's of Success book for 5th or 6th grade band?  Need a NYSSMA solo?

Sheet Music Plus: Click through this link to  Sheet Music Plus

Barcone's music will deliver books (no solos) to school weekly on Thursdays 845-331-6089

R&D is located locally on Fair Street, stop by to see what they have in stock

Practice Card

Practice Card for all grades

  NEW updated 2018 practice card.pdf 

Individual Instrument Exercises

Smart Music



While not required we HIGHLY recommend purchasing SmartMusic for your computer at home. Students can practice along with smartmusic. Students see music on the screen and can get real time feedback on their playing

Holiday Packets

Percussionists Page

Note Naming Information & Games

Help with Learning Scales

Download this app - Scale Pocket Guide


Scale Page GFMS to watch videos to walk to you through your scales

Fingering Charts

Need to check a fingering? Click here Fingering Chart