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GFMS Clubs & Activities, 2020-2021

 Work in Progress - keep checking for updates


Book Club

Dignity Club – Grades 5-8.  This club provides a time and place to help students  support cultural competencies, gender awareness/differences, human rights and world peace.  It will help to teach our students ways to support others in all things.  Activities include but are not limited to: discussions of issues important to students, collaborative mural making, posted design, poetry writing, awareness events, fund raisers/charity events.  Meets weekly via ZOOM.  Advisor:  Sarah Bell

General Organization (GO) – Grades 5-8.  GO is the student government that represents the GFMS student body. Officers include a President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer as well as student representatives from each homeroom.  The GO is involved in community service projects such as food and clothing collections.  They plan school activities such as dances and keep students informed.  The GO meets on the first Wednesday of every month via TEAMS.  Advisors: Felicia Dileo (, Cynthia Tully (

Yearbook – Grades 6-8.  The yearbook is a publication of middle school memories.  Meetings are held each Thursday.  The yearbook staff works on photography, keyboarding, layouts and selling ad and booster space.  Students learn how to design a yearbook page. Advisors:  Karen Nagel and Fran Russo


Safe School Ambassadors – This group of students is trained through the Community Matters Program.  Students are nominated for this group by their faculty and peers.  This is not an open enrollment activity.  Approx. 60 students will participate in Family Groups with faculty, bi-weekly.  Student and school goals are to help create and maintain a positive, safe, and uplifting school environment.  Advisors: Stacy Molison, MaryAnn Astrosky, Dana Schwark, Geri Munnick


Musical Groups

Jazz Band – is open to students in Grades 7-8.  In addition to traditional band instruments; piano, guitar and bass are also included.  This club provides an opportunity for interested students to learn and perform jazz, rock, blues, and other forms of popular music in an instrumental setting.  The group meets on Mondays over zoom.  Performance opportunities are to be determined at this time.   Advisors:  Eric Pecor and Aimee Brainard

Clarinet Choir: open to all 6th through 8th grade clarinet players. In previous years performances for the HS pops concert as well as an extra-curricular concert are included as part of clarinet choir. Meets weekly on Monday’s through Teams after school. Great opportunity to meet with multiple grade levels and get more playing opportunities. Advisor:  Meghan Cabral

Select Strings – Grades 7-8.  Select strings is open to 7th & 8th grade students who play violin, viola, cello, bass, or piano. This ensemble provides students the opportunity to play and record alternative music styles such as pop, rock, bluegrass, and jazz, with the possibility of improvisation and solo playing. Select strings will be meeting remotely via Zoom on Mondays at 3:30pm. Co-Advisors: Erin Minieri  & Buddy Griffith

Rock Ensemble – Grades 7-8. This club provides an opportunity for 7th and 8th students to learn, perform, and record popular music from many different decades. Rock Ensemble is an auditioned group including approximately 16 singers, 2-3 guitarists, 1-2 bass guitarists, 1-2 keyboard/piano players, and 1-2 students who play drum set. Auditions take place mid to late September. This group meets remotely via Zoom on Tuesdays at 3:30pm.  Co-Advisors: Buddy Griffith   & Aja Broderson









Sports Intramurals and Modified Sports



Important Forms for Clubs can be found here and also the main office at GFMS.

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Music After School

Please see the Band Page for Jazz Band and Clarinet choir updates.

Jazz Band & Clarinet Choir meet weekly on Mondays at 2:30-3:25.

Select Strings meets weekly on Thursdays from 2:30-3:25.

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