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Distance Learning begins Monday, April 6th

Building Access:

Monday, April 6th - Meal distribution (rear of building) 10 AM-Noon.

Tuesday, April 7th - Laptop Distribution (By Appointment Only). If you are a family in need of assistance, call GFMS  (ext. 503 or 525) on Monday (4/6) from 9-Noon.


Parents and Community Members,

MS Office/CCSD Technology Questions - Please send correspondence to CCSD Tech Support

Grade 8 DC Trip Update - It is with regret that I inform you this year's Grade 8 DC Trip has officially been canceled. Over the past several weeks, the advisors and administration have been in talks with vendors and we believe that we are able to secure refunds in the amount that you have paid up to this point.  We waited as long as we could and held out hope that somehow the Covid-19 situation would improve, but unfortunately, that has not happened. We will begin organizing the efforts to send refunds, but we ask for your patience as we have very limited access to the mail, our records, and GFMS at this time. Be assured that all records are meticulously maintained, but working remotely complicates this situation.

Zoom Permission - As part of the Carmel Central School District Distance Learning plan, some teachers may use Zoom to facilitate optional office hours with their students. Zoom is a video conferencing tool that is free for teacher and student use for distance learning during the COVID-19 outbreak. Visit for more information.  Because protecting your child’s safety is our priority, we are asking parents/guardians to grant or deny permission for their child(ren) to use the Zoom app and participate in teacher-led video conferences. Permission forms are school-specific and one form must be completed for each child. Please complete a permission form for your child by clicking the Permission Link.   GFMS ZOOM PERMISSION

Use the links below to view, download, and/or save assignments for your child's/children's courses.  You may print the pages OR simply view and complete the assignments on loose-leaf/notebook journals.  You could also choose to print only certain pages in the print menu.  If you need clarifications or additional instructions, please email your child's teachers directly as they will be checking email while we are not in school.  

Grade 5 -  Math      ELA      Science      Soc. Studies       RTI Reading      RTI Salza     Wilson Rdg Salza      RTI Math 

Grade 6 -  Math      ELA      Science      Soc. Studies       RTI Reading      RTI Salza     Wilson Rdg Salza      RTI Math 

Grade 7 -  Math7All Levels      Scaperotti Math       ELA       Schwark ELA      Science       Sci Scaperotti       Soc. Studies       Soc St Schwark      World Lang      Reading Salza 

Grade 8 -  Algebra    Math 8     Math Devico&Dangelo    ELA     ELA Tonchuck     ELA Chiappone       Earth Science    Sci 8-1   Sci 8-2   Science Devico&Dangelo      Soc. Studies           Soc St Tonchuck         Soc St Chiappone        World Language    Intro to Spanish 

Special Areas -   Art 5 Drawing   Art 6 Drawing   Art 7 Drawing    Art 8 Drawing    Phys Ed & Health       FACS 6 Holzmann        FACS 6 Taylor       FACS 8 Holzmann       FACS 8 Taylor     Tech 5 Diamonde   Tech 6 Diamonde  Tech 5 Sottile   Tech 7 Sottile   Tech 8 Sottile      Naso-Parent Letter   Tech 6 Naso    Tech 7 Naso     Tech 8 Naso         Band&Chorus 5/6     Orchestra 5/6  Band 7    Orchestra 7   Chorus 7    Band 8   Orchestra 8    Chorus 8   Gen Music 5  Gen Music 6    Gen Music 7    Gen Music 8 

Multi-Grade Programs -  PACE Program    PACE Speech    GFMS Speech&Lang

Counseling Programs -  GFMS Corona Virus Counseling Activities              GFMS General Counseling   


Other Reminders:

The March 18th trip to Broadway has been postponed.  Please read the letter that was given to children here---> Broadway Trip Info 

Please read the Field Trip Update Letter here--->  Trip Summary Updates   En Espanol

Please read the attached documents about protection from flu and other airborne illness:  Flu Protection   CDC Student Illness Guidelines (Fever Highlighted)

For morning drop-off, please be aware that we are not fully staffed for supervision until 7:15 AM.  Students may NOT enter the building with early-arriving teachers until we have a permanent presence at the reception desk in the main lobby.

Earth Science selection criteria have been emailed to parents.  Here is a copy of the letter that was sent:  Earth Science Letter   You may access more information on the GFMS Science Page.

We reminded our parents about parking lot safety and drop-offs prior to Thanksgiving.  Please make sure that you follow the flow of traffic on the perimeter of the lower parking lot.  Only those who are permanently parking (i.e. teachers) should be using the parking lot lanes.



John Piscitella, Principal


Administration Contacts

GFMS Principal and Grade 5 Administrator - John Piscitella (; ext. 525

Asst. Principal and Grade 6, Teams 5A, 5S Admin. - Christopher Barrie (; ext. 507

Asst. Principal and Grade 7, Teams 5B, 5D Admin. - Nancy Cyrus (; ext. 503

Asst. Principal and Grade 8, Teams 5C, 5E Admin. - Alicia Burns (; ext. 511



Information internet service for families in need.  Please pass along via social media: Comcast/Xfinity WiFi

K-6 Math Resources: Math Resources


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Attention Band, Chorus and Orchestra Parents,  If you are considering dropping band, orchestra or chorus, please send a note to the ensemble teacher so that they can keep a record of the change.  The teacher will contact the schedulers to make any changes.

The last day to drop BOC in the first semester for grades 6-8 is Friday, September 21st.  There will be another "window" to drop the first week of February for semester 2.

The last day to drop BOC in the first semester for grade 5 is Friday, September 28th.  There will be another "window" to drop  the first week of February for semester 2.





If you are considering dropping any ensemble after the concerts, please contact the music teacher.  The teacher will make a recommendation to keep or drop the course.   Deadline to make this change is through the end of quarter 2, January 25

 We will not drop these courses after these dates. 



Math Corner

Math is EVERYWHERE…look around you ! It is crucial for students to keep exploring numbers and patterns, and thinking about mathematics. Click for some resources to support and motivate your child. Students should choose a variety of games and activities to enjoy throughout the year. Your child will be better prepared for school and to take on the challenges in math that a new school year brings.


HONOR ROLL for grades 7 and 8

To achieve Honor Roll recognition, a student would need an 87 overall average, with no single grade lower than 85.   to achieve High Honor Roll status, a student would need a 93 overall average, with no single grade lower than 90.  This system is weighted based on "seat time," calculated as: 1.0 - for courses that meet daily and .5 for courses that meet every other day (i.e. PE, possibly ensemble classes)

National Jr. Honor Society (NJHS) has been established at GFMS for Grade  8.  There are applications available in the 8th grade administrator's office or the main office.





*Deadline to return forms is June 1, 2020*


Please review the information regarding physicals and the requirements under the  NURSES' NOTES.  This is a new policy.   district physical letter 5-18.pdf 


Code of Conduct

The code of conduct signature page/emergency page are listed below.  Refer to these pages with questions for disciplinary actions.  If you need further explanation, contact the grade level administration - Mr. Barrie, gr 6; Mrs. Cyrus, gr 7;  Mrs. Burns, gr 8; Mr. Piscitella, gr 5                                                           

web page Code of Conduct.pdf

web page DASA page.pdf  

  web page ROCK page.pdf 


New to the District?  Registration packets are now available online.  If you are unable to print the registration packet, you may pick one up in the main office or by calling the building Registrar, Debbie McIntyre, at (845) 228-2300, ext. 530.

National Junior Honor Society Requirements

National Junior Honor Society Requirements:

 National Jr. Honor Society (NJHS) has been established at GFMS for Grade  8.  There are applications available in the 8th grade administrator's office or the main office.

What is National Junior Honor Society?

One of the nation’s premier organizations established to recognize outstanding middle level students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, and Citizenship.   Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.


Who is Eligible for NJHS?

At GFMS, in accordance with national standards set by NJHS, students will first qualify for an invitation through their demonstration of success in the area of scholarship. That means, students in 7th or 8th grade with a cumulative GPA of 94 or higher will receive an invitation to fill out an information sheet. Students then fill out the information sheet to give examples of their accomplishments in cumulative GPA (scholarship), does not mean they will automatically be inducted into the NJHS.


Who chooses inductees into the NJHS?

After students fill out an information sheet and the required recommendation forms from teachers and/or other adults, all of their qualifications will be reviewed by our Faculty Council. The Faculty Council is an anonymous group of faculty members who make the final decision about who will be invited for induction into the NJHS. The Faculty Council also serves as the group who determines if a student should be dismissed because of a failure to meet expectations in one of the five areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character, or Citizenship. The NJHS sponsors do not have a vote on the Faculty Council and will not be making any decisions regarding acceptance.


What does an exemplary NJHS candidate look like?

Scholarship: Students who have a cumulative grade point average of 94 or higher, as established by the Faculty Council, meet the scholarship requirements for membership. These students are then eligible for consideration on the basis of service, leadership, and character (and citizenship for NJHS).

Service: This quality is defined through the voluntary contributions made by a student to the school or community, done without compensation and with a positive, courteous, and enthusiastic spirit.


Leadership: Student leaders are those who are resourceful, good problem solvers, promoters of school activities, idea-contributors, dependable, and persons who exemplify positive attitudes about life. Leadership experiences can be drawn from school or community activities while working with or for others.


Character: The student of good character, upholds principles of morality, and ethics, is cooperative, demonstrates high standards of honesty and reliability, shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others, and generally maintains a good and clean lifestyle.


If I’m a 6th grader, what can I do to become a better candidate for NJHS in 7th and 8th grade?

One of the best things you can do as a 6th grader is to have really strong grades. You should work hard every day in school because as a 7th grade inductee, you will qualify in the area of scholarship based on your grades in 6th grade! Also, becoming involved in school clubs and activities, outside of school, you can begin to track community service hours (work in which you don’t receive some kind of pay) in order to strengthen your information sheet.


What do you do in NJHS?

The goal of NJHS is to build leaders and do service. Other than that, the activities are up to the NJHS members. Some examples of these activities are walk-a-thons to raise money for cancer research; providing hygiene supplies to neighborhood pantries; and car washes to raise money for charity. Each student can select his/her own service project that best reflects his/her personal interests.


Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities

Here is a list of the GFMS extra-curricular clubs and intramural sports for students in grades 5-8.  Further details are posted in the Resources and Clubs and Activities section.

  • Art Club
  • Babysitting Course
  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Dignity Club
  • Drama Club
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
  • General Organization (GO)
  • Go Green Environmental Club
  • Lego Robotics Club
  • Living History Club
  • Musical Groups
    • Clarinet Choir
    • Jazz Band
    • Rock Ensemble
    • Select Strings
  • Peer Leaders
  • Reflections (PTA)
  • Safe School Ambassadors (SSA)
  • Science and Technology Fair
  • Spotlight
  • Teens-N-Kids Mentoring Club
  • Tutorial Program
  • Yearbook


  • Golf (Fall)
  • Tennis (Fall)
  • Boys Basketball (fall)
  • Girls Basketball (fall)
  • Tennis (fall/Spring)
  • Volleyball (Spring)
  • Wrestling (fall)

2019-2020 Community Service Application

Name: __________________________________________        Grade: _____________

GFMS Community Service




# of Hours

What you Did


(Please print & sign)





























































         Total Hours_______

The following is a list by grade including the hours suggested to attain the total of 65 hours required for this community service recognition.

5 hours as a 5th grader – 10 hours as a 6th grader – 25 hours as a 7th grader – 25 hours as an 8th grader

Guidelines: Volunteer to help your community outside of your family.

Family members cannot sign off on service hours


*Deadline to return forms is June 1, 2020*





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