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  • Making Musical Connections in Middle School

    Recently, district fourth-grade students made some important connections with the Music Department at George Fischer Middle School, which they will be attending in the fall! During the presentation and performance, the students were introduced to the ensembles, instruments and music teachers, and were treated to a musical showcase from their sixth-grade peers. Read more about the annual presentation and see a video of the performances.

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  • A Snowy Scene in Sixth Grade

    There may not be any snow in the weather forecast, but the art wing at George Fischer Middle School is looking like a winter wonderland! Sixth-grade students in Ms. Swarm’s classes recently created radial designs using acrylic paint and construction paper that were inspired by snowflake designs.

    George Fischer Middle School News
  • Middle School Students Explore World Languages Out in the World

    Over the last several weeks, Grade 8 World Language students at George Fischer Middle School had the opportunity to take the language skills and cultural knowledge they have learned in the classroom and apply it to the world outside the walls of the school. 

    Read a full story and see more photos from the World Languages field trips.

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  • Middle School Students Absorb a Lesson in Science

    Sixth-grade scientists in Heather Schmidt’s classes absorbed a lesson in controls and variables, much like a sponge... or in this case, a Twinkie! Twinkies, a cult-favorite snack, are also called sponge cakes, so the assumption is that they would act like a sponge and absorb liquids.

    So, which is more flammable, a regular Twinkie or one soaked in rubbing alcohol? Read our full story to find out!


    George Fischer Middle School News
  • Earthquake Lesson Finds Epicenter at George Fischer Middle School

    It was a lesson in shaking, rattling, and rolling for Earth Science students in Tracy Brusie’s classes at George Fischer Middle School during a unit on earthquakes. Students used their geology skills and compasses to interpret seismographs from three separate locations, finding the arrival times of primary waves (p-waves) and secondary waves (s-waves) in order to determine the earthquake's epicenter.

    Read the full story about this lesson in shaking, rattling and rolling!

    George Fischer Middle School News
  • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month Through Art

    In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Grade 8 students in Sandra Swarm's art classes at George Fischer Middle School created mixed media sun/moon glue drawings.
    The work is inspired by the ancient peoples of Mexico, some including the Aztec and Maya. In modern times, these designs can be found in a variety of home goods, textiles and pottery.
    George Fischer Middle School News
  • How High Can a Marshmallow Go?

    George Fischer Middle School students in Denise Scaperotti's class recently conquered the Marshmallow Challenge where they worked in teams to build the tallest free-standing marshmallow and spaghetti noodle tower with limited resources! See photos from the Marshmallow Challenge lesson.
    George Fischer Middle School News
  • Middle School Sleuths Save the U.S. Constitution

    Students in Mrs. Bowe's Grade 7 & 8 Social Studies classes at George Fischer Middle School used their critical-thinking & collaboration skills to decipher puzzles in a Constitution-themed Escape Room to bring our country's most-treasured document back safely. Read more about this Constitution-themed lesson.

    George Fischer Middle School News
  • All Smiles for Laptop Distribution

    It was all smiles from Grade 5 students at the recent laptop distribution where students received their district-issued devices for the year. All students in grades K-12 receive a district-issued device as part of our 1:1 laptop program!

    George Fischer Middle School News
  • Creating Future Video Game Geniuses

    Students in the Future Genius Beta Masters program at George Fischer Middle School this summer used their creativity and critical-thinking  skills to plan & develop a video game with environmental conservation and sustainability in mind.

    Read more about the student-designed games this summer.

    George Fischer Middle School News
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