Distant/Hybrid Learning 2020-2021 for PE and Health

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!!  We are currently using Microsoft TEAMS for our full remote and hybrid days.  Please check your school emails for info on how to activate and use TEAMS.  Each PE and Health class has its own team.  Check your email first and then contact your assigned PE/ Health teacher with any remaining questions.  Looking forward to seeing you in TEAMS!!! Be sure to log into your PE/Health Team at the start of your class time.

We want to start out by saying that we have missed you all and that we are very excited, and nervous, to be moving into remote and hybrid learning.  The teachers have been working very hard on creating a fun, safe and blended learning environment.  That seems like a lot, but we know you can do it. 

                Everyone in this class is expected to participate in our daily activities that you will find on our Microsoft Teams Meet and site.

Kids Heart Challenge: American Heart Association

We are so bummed that we couldn't experience the Kids Heart Challenge Obstacle Course with all of you this year!  Those who were registered will be able to participate in a 10- Day Virtual Challenge that will be emailed directly to the participants.  Those at home who did not register, feel free to make your own safe obstacle course with an adult's supervision and join in the fun of celebrating and promoting healthy hearts.  Our event will be over in the next few weeks.  The directions, from the American Heart Association, on how to finish up your event is the link below.  I will be ending the event on June 19th.  All prizes will be sent to GFMS over the summer and will be distributed when we return.  Please contact Mrs. Carinci with any questions.  Can't wait to see everyone- Your PE teachers!

Contact Email: Mrs. Carinci 


American Heart Association Log In (Warrior Style Obstacle Course)

Info Sheets for American Heart Association

Mrs. Carinci's 5th Grade Create a Great Plate Pictures

Physical Education

The Physical Education Department's mission to engage our students in lifetime activities that support them physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.  Lifetime Activities, as well as Team Concepts, are introduced in Physical Education in hopes to provide a lifetime of physical activity.

Activities offered in physical education:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Running/ Track and Field
  • Football
  • Field Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Fitness
  • Fitness Center (Use of Machines and Spin Bikes- 7/8th grade)
  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis
  • Floor Hockey

 Great ways to get moving outside of school:

  • Go for a walk (with an adult buddy in a safe place)
  • Swim
  • Dance
  • Make up an Exercise Routine
  • Playing Outside
  • Stream Fitness Channels to your TV
  • Bicycle
  • Shoot some hoops at a local park
  • Join a recreational league

PE Grading System and Helpful Hints

2020-2021 GFMS Physical Education Grading and Requirements

Grade 5,6,7 and 8: (All Year Long)

  • Numeric Grading System- Based out of 100 points per Marking Period
    • Participation- (Deductions from 1-3 points per day)
    • Preparation- (Deduction of 1 point per day)
      • In-person
        • All students must have athletic sneakers and athletic attire
        • Jeans and jean shorts are not considered athletic attire.
        • Following the code of conduct.
      • Distant Learning/ Fully Remote
        • Logging in on- time with audio muted and video off
        • Completing the exit slip



            We will not be utilizing the locker rooms during the 2020-2021 school year.


Dress Requirements:

  • Sneakers (have to be secure to the foot with a full heel in order to prevent injuries) Note: Non- Lace Up sneakers are fine as long as they are secure and won’t fall off.
  • T-shirt and/or Sweatshirt- NO TANK TOPS PLEASE
  • Shorts and/or Sweatpants
  • PJ’s are acceptable during Distance Learning 😊


Medical Excuses:  Each case will be handled individually.  Please contact your assigned physical education teacher for more information.


Helpful Hints for In- Person learning:

  • Students will have accessibility to hand sanitizer and will be prompted to use it. Frequent hand washing will also be encouraged.
  • Students will be socially distanced by the teachers 12’ apart. All students are required to adhere to these protocols.
  • A comfortable mask (teachers will be giving intermittent mask breaks)
  • Water bottles are suggested for class (teachers will be given intermittent water breaks during class).
  • No Gum Chewing.


Class Expectations:  This is an unprecedented year for everyone.  Your physical education staff is looking to create a fun, exciting, safe and healthy school year for all of our students.


Sincerely your 2020-2021 PE staff:

  • Mr. Deserre
  • Mr. Fitzpatrick
  • Mr. Garbowski
  • Mr. Robin
  • Mrs. Brenneman
  • Mrs. Carinci



More Info  Athletic Department

Concussion Protocol

Currently 2020

DISTANCE LEARNING THROUGH MICROSOFT TEAMS.  Turn in assignments and activities are in your TEAM by grade level and subject.  Please see your school email and or contact your PE teacher for more info.



Stay Tuned.......


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