ONLINE LEARNING 2020 for PE and Health

Starting April 2, 2020.  We are currently using DISTANCE LEARNING  in Microsoft TEAMS, until we are back in school.   Please check your school emails for info on how to sign up and use TEAMS.  Each grade for PE and Health has its own team.  Check your email first and then contact your PE/ Health teacher with any remaining questions.  Looking forward to seeing you in TEAMS!!!

What a few weeks we have had!  We want to start out by saying that we have missed you all and that we are very excited, and nervous, to be moving into online learning.  The teachers have been working very hard on learning how to teach virtually, even though we want to be face to face with all of you everyday.  We are emailing all of you to explain how to connect with us through Microsoft Teams, see your upcoming assignments, turn in work, visit our office hours (and see us in person) and chat with classmates.  That seems like a lot, but we know you can do it. 

                Everyone in this class is expected to participate in our daily activities that you will find on our Microsoft Teams site.

Kids Heart Challenge: American Heart Association

We are so bummed that we couldn't experience the Kids Heart Challenge Obstacle Course with all of you this year!  Those who were registered will be able to participate in a 10- Day Virtual Challenge that will be emailed directly to the participants.  Those at home who did not register, feel free to make your own safe obstacle course with an adult's supervision and join in the fun of celebrating and promoting healthy hearts.  Our event will be over in the next few weeks.  The directions, from the American Heart Association, on how to finish up your event is the link below.  I will be ending the event on June 19th.  All prizes will be sent to GFMS over the summer and will be distributed when we return.  Please contact Mrs. Carinci with any questions.  Can't wait to see everyone- Your PE teachers!

KHC How To Submit Cash and Check Donations UPDATED 4-17-20.pdf 


Contact Email: Mrs. Carinci

American Heart Association Log In (Warrior Style Obstacle Course)

Info Sheets for American Heart Association

Mrs. Carinci's 5th Grade Create a Great Plate Pictures

Physical Education

The Physical Education Department's mission to engage our students in lifetime activities that support them physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.  Lifetime Activities, as well as Team Concepts, are introduced in Physical Education in hopes to provide a lifetime of physical activity.

Activities offered in physical education:

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Running/ Track and Field
  • Football
  • Field Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Fitness
  • Fitness Center (Use of Machines and Spin Bikes- 7/8th grade)
  • Cardio Kickboxing
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Tennis
  • Floor Hockey

 Great ways to get moving outside of school:

  • Go for a walk (with an adult buddy in a safe place)
  • Swim
  • Dance
  • Make up an Exercise Routine
  • Playing Outside
  • Stream Fitness Channels to your TV
  • Bicycle
  • Shoot some hoops at a local park
  • Join a recreational league

PE Grading System and Helpful Hints


 Grade 5,6,7 and 8: (All Year Long)

  • Numeric Grading System- Based out of 100 points per Marking Period
    • Participation- (Deductions from 1-3 points per day)
    • Preparation- (Deduction of 1 point per day)
      • All students must have athletic sneakers and athletic attire
      • Jeans and jean shorts are not considered athletic attire.
      • Following the code of conduct.


Numeric Grading System in Detail

  • Preparation: Points are deducted for being unprepared without sneakers and /or not having the proper attire.
  • Participation: Points are deducted for lack of effort, unsportsman-like conduct, gum chewing and disruptive behavior accordingly. 


  • Evaluates students’ psychomotor and cognitive learning: Students learn individual skills, cooperative skills and game-like conditions that are used for achieving proficiency within each unit.
  • Evaluates students’ affective learning.


5/6 will not be receiving locks/lockers and will not use the locker room

 7/8 will receive a lock/locker but have the option to come in their attire or change before and after class. 

Dress Requirements:

  • Sneakers (have to be secure to the foot with a full heel in order to prevent injuries) Note: Non- Lace Up sneakers are fine as long as they are secure and won’t fall off.
  • T-shirt and/or Sweatshirt- NO TANK TOPS PLEASE
  • Shorts and/or Sweatpants

Medical Excuses:  In physical education, students are allowed to be excused from 3 consecutive physical education classes with a note from a parent/guardian.  After 3 excused classes; a doctor’s note is required, which is required to be given to the nurse prior to class.  The P.E. teachers will receive a copy of the note from the nurse.  If a student is not feeling well that day, a note is required for the next class in order to be legally excused from the missed class. Written assignments/alternate assignment will be issued to students sitting out on medical, in place of their physical participation. 

Number 1 Rule of Physical Education:   HAVE FUN!!!!!

 Helpful Hints:

  • It may be chilly indoors and out so we suggest having both sweatshirts/pants and shorts/T-shirts for the student’s comfort.
  • Leaving an extra pair of old sneakers in their physical education lockers are helpful for when there is dew on the ground, so the student does not ruin their good sneakers.
  • Leaving an empty bag in their lockers is helpful when they need to bring clothes home for the year and/or to wash.
  • Leaving a hair tie in the locker is also helpful.
  • Students may leave deodorant and perfumed sprays in their lockers. Please do not use GLASS containers or aerosol containers.  There are tiles in the locker room, which the containers can break on and aerosols sprayed into the air may trigger an asthma attack, allergic reaction or other medical emergency.
  • Water bottles may be used when the students go outdoors for class.

Physical Education No- No’s:

  • Mid Drift Shirts- stomachs should not be showing at all. Students will be asked to bring in a more appropriate shirt or the next time, points will be deducted.  This includes tying up shirts so the stomach is shown.
  • Short- Shorts- shorts need to be at least mid thigh or lower.
  • Words on the gluteus maximus (back side of pants).
  • No inappropriate words, letters, pictures, etc. School Policies are adhered to in physical education classes.
  • No gum

Locker Responsibility (7/8):  Students are responsible for their lockers and locks.  Any damage to these lockers is their responsibility.  Master Locks are issued to every student, free of charge.  If the lock is not returned at the end of the year, the student will be charged $5 to replace the lock.  Other locks will not be allowed, because we need to have access to the locker in emergencies and provide combinations for the students if they forget it.  We appreciate this cooperation greatly.  We also encourage students to lock their locks every time they leave the locker room, this includes when the student is in class.  Don’t leave anything out that is valuable.  Students may leave valuables in the locked office.  Students may not share lockers.  This is for security purposes.  The teachers will not go into the lockers, so if the students’ clothes are in someone else’s locker, we will not get them without the other student present. 

Locker Room Rules (7/8):

  • No running or standing on the benches- safety reasons.
  • No climbing into lockers- safety reasons.
  • No slamming the lockers- safety reasons.
  • Only go into your locker- security reasons
  • No screaming or horsing around- emergency and safety reasons
  • Please be quiet in the hallways, learning is occurring in classrooms nearby.
  • No glass bottles or aerosol sprays in the locker room-safety reasons.



More Info  Athletic Department

Concussion Protocol

Currently 2020

DISTANCE LEARNING THROUGH MICROSOFT TEAMS.  Turn in assignments and activities are in your TEAM by grade level and subject.  Please see your school email and or contact your PE teacher for more info.



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