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GFMS Science Fair


 February  23rd  2019

Snow date: March 2nd 2019


Next Generation Science Standards

 Next Generation Science Standards 

5th Grade Science

 Curriculum focuses on the scientific method. Students practice the skills of observation, data analysis & deductive reasoning during lab investigations of living things both plant & animal

6th Grade Science

 Focus is on the physical sciences with an emphasis on matter.  The characteristics, properties & chemical composition of all forms of matter are investigated.  Additionally, the atmosphere and human impacts on planet earth are explored and students will leave with knowledge of alternate forms of energy and sustainability . Life science concepts are interwoven whenever possible.

7th Grade Science

 Focus is on the study of the living environment with five major life science topics covered. 1. Structure, function and information processing;  2. Growth, development, and reproduction of organisms;  3. Matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems; 4. Interdependent relationships in ecosystems; and 5. Natural selection and adaptations.  

8th Grade Science

Study of the forces and interactions that shape our planet. The method by which energy is transferred from the sun to all known life forms.  The physical world is explored in great depth.  Students will plan and conduct investigations to explain scientific phenomena.

Scientifc Drawings

Earth Science

Earth Science - This is a Regents class in which students are introduced to cyclical events that affect our lives on earth.  Geology, meteorology, astronomy, plate tectonic activity, volcanoes and earthquakes, landscape development, weathering and technology's affect on our environment are studied in depth.  Students are selected by specific criteria.

Important Dates

NYS 8th grade science performance test - May 30th, May 31st, June 1st

NYS 8th grade science written test  - June 4th

NYS 8th grade science written test make up - June 5th

Earth Science lab test - June 6th and 7th

Earth Science Regents - June 14th

7th grade final - June 11th and June 12th  

Earth Science : Great Discoveries

Amazing Science!

Tri-County Fair Information

8:00 HS Registration Opens
8:30 MS Registration Opens
8:30-9:30 Complimentary Continental Breakfast for Students, Parents, Teachers & Volunteers
8:30 Gift Shop opens you may use your PRINTED discount certificate ( find in previous email at the bottom) 
9:00 ES Registration Opens
9:30 Free Breakfast closes / although you can now purchase items
All exhibits must be set up for cross check. No one
will be allowed to set up after 9:45
9:45 Parents must leave exhibit halls, AND STAY ON SITE if student is in ES or MS ie grades K-8. 
10:00-12:30 Exhibit Judging
12:00 Lunch Opens for Purchase
1:00-2:00 Public Viewing
2:00-2:30 Dismantle Exhibits, put in car and head to auditorium
2:45-??? ( usually 4-5) Awards Ceremony / GIFT SHOP CLOSES
4:00 approx 50/50 Raffle Drawn