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2024 Science & Technology Fair Update

Congratulations to all participants! First place winners please see Mrs. Murphy about Tri-County Fair. 

Fair Date: 2/10/24

Snow date: 3/2/24

Applications due: 1/19/24


**First place winners may have an opportunity to attend the Tri-County Fair. More details on that to come. 


Good luck kids!







New York State Science Learning Standards

June 2024 Regents Calendar

5th Grade Science

 Curriculum focuses on the scientific method. Students practice the skills of observation, data analysis & deductive reasoning during lab investigations of living things both plant & animal

6th Grade Science

 Focus is on the physical sciences with an emphasis on matter.  The characteristics, properties & chemical composition of all forms of matter are investigated.  Additionally, the atmosphere and human impacts on planet earth are explored and students will leave with knowledge of alternate forms of energy and sustainability . Life science concepts are interwoven whenever possible.

7th Grade Science

 Focus is on the study of the living environment with five major life science topics covered. 1. Structure, function and information processing;  2. Growth, development, and reproduction of organisms;  3. Matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems; 4. Interdependent relationships in ecosystems; and 5. Natural selection and adaptations.  

8th Grade Science

Study of the forces and interactions that shape our planet.  Students will investigate the concepts of density, force & motion, forces that shape the Earth,  weather & climate,  and energy. The physical world is explored in great depth.  Students will plan and conduct investigations to explain scientific phenomena. A focus on lab skills, scientific modeling, graphing, and  interpreting data will be an essential part of all units. This class will prepare students to take Earth Science as a 9th grader at Carmel High School.

Scientifc Drawings

Earth Science

Earth Science - This is a Regents class in which students are introduced to cyclical events that affect our lives on earth.  Geology, meteorology, astronomy, plate tectonic activity, volcanoes and earthquakes, landscape development, weathering and technology's effect on our environment are studied in depth.  Students are selected by specific criteria.  For more detailed information refer to the "Earth Science Information" block .  

Science Fair: Real life kids!

Science Fair Tips!

Simple Science Fair Ideas!

Important Dates

* February 10th: GFMS Science Fair

*June 20th: Earth Science Regents Exam

Earth Science : Great Discoveries

Amazing Science!