Please watch the video below - (or click the link on the right)

 enharmonic explanation.wmv 

Do not forget to take the Quiz once you have completed the video:
Enharmonic Quiz 

You can use this worksheet to help you with the video AND the quiz -  enharmonics worksheet with flipped classroom.pdf 


Enharmonics Video

Key Signature Order

Here is the Key Signature Order Video  Key Signatures Youtube link (to stream online)

While watching this please complete the worksheet.    order of sharps and flats worksheet.pdf  

Please complete this quiz after watching the video and completing the worksheet. Key Signature Order quiz



Major Scales Creation

Please watch the following video  scale creation.wlmp  and fill and utilize this worksheet to guide you scale creation worksheet.docx 

Additional way to watch - https://youtu.be/krCD18tvF8o 

After you watch the video and complete the worksheet, please take the following quiz :QUIZ

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