Mr. Pecor - Lessons

Cycle 1 Group A

6th Grade Alto Sax Cycle 1 A - 

Next lesson:    1/25
Period:                 7

Work with a tuner.  Sound Corset is a free tuner/metronome app.  Page. 42+43. 

Check for proper tonguing and not swelling at the end of notes!  Work on D scale and C Scale

Cycle 1 Group B

6th Grade Alto Sax Cycle 1 B

Next Lesson:            1/25
Period                            8

Assignment:   29 + 30 and memorize the D scale (it's on page 51 F# and C# in the key signature).  Write in the counting for each measure with a dotted quarter note.  Please show me prior to your next lesson so we can fix any issues. 


Cycle 1 Group C

    6th Grade Clarinet 1 C

Next lesson:          1/25
Period                         1

  Assignment:  Hey! on 44 plus 45 and 46

Plus low notes down to low E using the correct fingering (T) and pop ups from low E up.  Practice A to the Big B and full C-Scale

Cycle 1 Group D

8th Grade Lows Cycle 1 D

Next Lesson:                 1/25
Period:                               3

B flat, F, and Ab, C and Eb scales memorized..  Pg. 32 and 33  in the orange book.  Pick up the new book:  Student Instrumental Course:  Intermediate.

 Mackenzie....Scales with note names!!!



Cycle 2 Group A

6th Grade Flute Cycle 2 A

Next Lesson:                    1/28
Period:                                  7

Memorize Bb Scale in 3rds.  Add the F scale (Bb only in key sig) Also Add the Eb Scale (in 2 octaves Bb, Eb, and Ab in the key signature).  Do overtones chromatically 3 tiers.

No fun in lessons next week.  We will go through the warm-ups quickly and then spend time on the book example.  Be prepared to crush everything.  Especially the hard stuff.  Be your best!!!

Pg. 40+42. add 43 as it's been a while since we've had lessons.



Cycle 2 Group B

6th Grade Trumpet Cycle 2 B

Next Lesson:                    1/28
Period:                                  8

Memorize C scale in half notes. Page  27 + 28 the tuner.  Tonguing

Cycle 2 Group C

6th Grade Clarinet Cycle 2C

Next Lesson:                      1/28
Period:                                     1

Mr. Pecor Examples Pg. 35 Make sure to note name .    Use the tuner.  Fill out that practice card properly, make markings in your book and be prepared to be tested on your best example!

F Scale, and the Big Boy C scale

Add pop ups down to the low E. 


Cycle 2 Group D

8th Grade Trumpet Cycle 2 D

Next Lesson:                  1/28
Period:                                3

All 7 Scales:  Pages 4 and 5 in the new book.

work with tuner (free on band home page) for D's with the third valve slide pulled.

Cycle 3 A

5th Grade Clarinet Cycle 3A

Next Lesson:                1/29
Period:                               7

Assignment: Pg. 18  plus example 3.8 in Measures of Success


Cycle 3 Group B

5th Grade Clarinet Cycle 3B

Next Lesson:                1/29

Period:                               8

Assignment:  Mouthpiece work with Tuner, pg.12 and 13 (Count, Letter Name, Air Play, Play)


Cycle 3 Group C

5th Grade Trombone Cycle 3 C

Next Lesson:                1/29
Period:                              1

Assignment:  Work with a tuner on the finger chart pitches and work to get from note to note on those charts. Pg.12



Cycle 3 Group D

8th Grade Trumpet Cycle 3 Group D

Next Lesson:          1/29
Period:                        3

SCALES:  Please memorize the 5 scales needed add the Eb and A scales.  Your C, D, Bb, F, and G scales.  Plus pg. 34 write in the counting 

 These first five scales:

Cycle 4 Group A

5th Grade Alto Sax Cycle 4 Group A

Next Lesson:                 1/30
Period:                                7

Assignment:  Pg. 14

Cycle 4 Group B

5th Grade Trumpet Cycle 4 Group B

Next Lesson:                1/30
Period:                               8

Assignment:  pg. 18  Use the recordings.    Use a tuner!



Cycle 4 Group C

6th Grade Tpt Cycle 4 C

Next Lesson:                  1/30
Period:                                1

Assignment:  pg. 36 Plus Memorize the Bb scale (Concert Ab on page 51   or go here:  use this website:  code is:  31622893476

Cycle 4 Group D

8th Grade Trombone Cycle 4 D

Next Lesson:            1/30
Period:                           3

Assignment:  Next Page...Page 6 maybe?  Let me know Julia.


Cycle 5 Group A

5th Grade Flute Cycle 5 A

Next Lesson:                  1/23
Period:                                 3

Assignment:  Pg. 18 and 19 plus overtone/harmonic exercise starting on Low F, Low G, Low A, and Low Bb and popping up.

Cycle 5 Group B

5th Grade Percussion Cycle 5 B

Next Lesson:                1/23
Period:                                7

Assignment:  Pages  12


Cycle 5 Group C

5th Grade Tuba Cycle 5 C

Next Lesson:              1/23
Period:                             8

Assignment:  Pg. 10 and 11

Cycle 5 Group D

7th Grade Low Brass Cycle 5 D

Next Lesson:                    1/23
Period:                                   1

Concerto Theme from page 13 and all of page 14


Cycle 6 Group A

6th Grade Percussion Cycle 6 A

Next Lesson:                       1/24
Period:                                      3

Assignment:  Mallets:  4.20 and 4.21

Snare:  Charts 12.5 and 12.75.  Buzz all of the sixteenths notes.

Cycle 6 Group B

6th Grade Trombone Cycle 6 Group B

Next Lesson:            1/24
Period:                           7

Lip Slurs, Bb scale, Pg. 36.  Add the Ab Scale to the Bb Scale.  you can find it on page 51 in you Measures of Success book 1.


Cycle 6 Group C

6th Grade Tuba Cycle 6 Group C

Next Lesson:                  1/24
Period:                                 8

Assignment:  Michael Pg. 30 (keep up the great work!).  Luke pg. 12 and 12


Cycle 6 Group D

7th Grade Trumpet Cycle 6 D

Next Lesson:           1/24
Period:                          1

 Assignment.  Radetzky March plus page 37

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