Mr. Pecor - Lessons

Cycle 1 Group A

6th Grade Alto Sax Cycle 1 A - 

Next lesson:    3/14
Period:                 8

Work with a tuner.  Sound Corset is a free tuner/metronome app.  Page. 46 memorize the chromatic scale with alternate fingerings.  Pages 5 in Book 2 (the new book). 

Check for proper tonguing and not swelling at the end of notes!  Work on D scale and C Scale

Cycle 1 Group B

6th Grade Alto Sax Cycle 1 B

Next Lesson:            3/22
Period                            3

Assignment:   G, C, and D scales memorized. pg. out for accidentals and enharmonics!!!


Cycle 1 Group C

    6th Grade Clarinet 1 C

Next lesson:          3/22
Period                        7

  Assignment:  Pg. 7 Finger twister only.  and Pg. 9.  Chromatic scale from the back of the book with alt. F# and Super Pop-ups. 



Cycle 1 Group D

8th Grade Lows Cycle 1 D

Next Lesson:                3/22
Period:                              8

B flat, F, and Ab, C and Eb scales memorized..  Add G scale  Pg. 37 in the orange book.  Pick up the new book:  Student Instrumental Course:  Intermediate.




Cycle 2 Group A

6th Grade Flute Cycle 2 A

Next Lesson:                    3/25
Period:                                  1

Page 46 Chromatic scale memorized.  Plus Pages 5 and 6 of the new book.  Bb, Eb, F, and C scales memorized.  Overtone warm-ups



Cycle 2 Group B

6th Grade Trumpet Cycle 2 B

Next Lesson:                    3/25
Period:                                  3

Your C, Bb, and G scales memorized.  Plus Page 39.  be ready and play aggressively. 

Cycle 2 Group C

6th Grade Clarinet Cycle 2C

Next Lesson:                      3/25
Period:                                    7

Mr. Pecor Examples Pg.44

F Scale,  C scale, G Scale

Add pop ups down to the low E. 


Cycle 2 Group D

8th Grade Trumpet Cycle 2 D

Next Lesson:                  3/25
Period:                                8

All 7 Scales:  Page 9 and 10 in New Book, Memorize Chromatic scale

work with tuner (free on band home page) for D's with the third valve slide pulled.

Cycle 3 A

5th Grade Clarinet Cycle 3A

Next Lesson:                3/26
Period:                               1

Assignment: Example pg. 26, Plus Pop-ups, Plus waterfall down to the low F (BIP...Bottom Inside Pinky).


Cycle 3 Group B

5th Grade Clarinet Cycle 3B

Next Lesson:                3/26

Period:                              3

Assignment:   pg.19, Start working on the Pop Ups.  work on those Bb's!!!!


Cycle 3 Group C

5th Grade Trombone Cycle 3 C

Next Lesson:               3/26
Period:                              3

Assignment:  pg. 19



Cycle 3 Group D

8th Grade Trumpet Cycle 3 Group D

Next Lesson:         3/26
Period:                       8

SCALES:  7 Scales.  Plus pg. 42 and 43

 All 7 Scales:

Cycle 4 Group A

5th Grade Alto Sax Cycle 4 Group A

Next Lesson:                 3/27
Period:                                1

Assignment:  pg. 22 test on 3.25

Cycle 4 Group B

5th Grade Trumpet Cycle 4 Group B

Next Lesson:                3/27
Period:                               3

Assignment:  There will be a playing test on 3.25  plus examples 3.30-3.32.  Use the recordings.    Use a tuner!



Cycle 4 Group C

6th Grade Tpt Cycle 4 C

Next Lesson:                 3/27
Period:                                7

Assignment:  42  Memorize C, Bb, and your low G scale.   or go here:  use this website:  code is:  31622893476

Cycle 4 Group D

8th Grade Trombone Cycle 4 D

Next Lesson:            3/27
Period:                           8

Assignment:  Next Page...Page 8 and 9


Cycle 5 Group A

5th Grade Flute Cycle 5 A

Next Lesson:                  3/28
Period:                                1

Assignment: Pg. 20

Cycle 5 Group B

5th Grade Percussion Cycle 5 B

Next Lesson:                3/28
Period:                              3

Assignment:  Pages  19 You must play Canyons, Royal Scepter, and Things are looking up perfectly in order to earn snare privileges.  Work on the Snare Right Vs. Left solid hits plus buzzes at the tempo that we did 100 with a metronome.  Also, work on the paradiddle, I will send home a video and a worksheet to go over these things.


Cycle 5 Group C

5th Grade Tuba Cycle 5 C

Next Lesson:              3/28
Period:                             7

Assignment:  Pg. 18 plus the first 2 on page 19

Cycle 5 Group D

7th Grade Low Brass Cycle 5 D

Next Lesson:                    3/28
Period:                                  8

Pg. 20 Plus the Cross Partial Slur worksheet and add slurs into your pieces on pg. 20.


Cycle 6 Group A

6th Grade Percussion Cycle 6 A

Next Lesson:                       3/29
Period:                                     1

Assignment:  Mallets:  6.18 and 6.20 write in the counting for 6.18.

Snare:  Pg. 38 a and b

Cycle 6 Group B

6th Grade Trombone Cycle 6 Group B

Next Lesson:            3/29
Period:                          3

Lip Slurs, Bb scale, Pg. 44 and 45.  Ab, Bb, and F scales!!!  Work on the cross-partial slur sheet and try to use them in the examples on 44 and 45.


Cycle 6 Group C

6th Grade Tuba Cycle 6 Group C

Next Lesson:                  3/29
Period:                                 7

Assignment:  Michael Pg. 36  Watch out for your cheek puffing!!!!  (keep up the great work!).  Luke pg. 18


Cycle 6 Group D

7th Grade Trumpet Cycle 6 D

Next Lesson:           3/29
Period:                         8

 Assignment.  Pg. 6 number 7 plus pg. 7  in new Book

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