Science - Course Descriptions

SCIENCE FAIR INFORMATION AND APPLICATION :    Science Fair rules and application 2017-2018.pdf             Science Fair application 2017-2018.pdf 

Earth Science - This is a regents class in which students are introduced to cyclical events that affect our lives on earth, geology, meteorology, astronomy, plate tectonic activity, volcanoes and earthquakes, landscape development, weathering and technology's affect on our environment.  Students are selected by specific criteria.

 Earth Science Acceleration Criteria

The link below will take you to all of the selection criteria for 8th grade Earth Science. 

 Earth Science Rubric.pdf          TTRRubric 2016.pdf 

Science 5 - Curriculum focuses on the scientific method. Students practice the skills of observation, data analysis & deductive reasoning during lab investigations of living things both plant & animal.

Science 6 - Focus is on the physical sciences with an emphasis on matter.  The characteristics, properties & chemical composition of all forms of matter are explored. Life science concepts are interwoven whenever possible.

Science 7 - Focus is on the study of the living environment. Characteristics of the plant & animal kingdom are explored in greater depth. Students are introduced to the microscopic world.

Science 8 - Study of the great diversity of organisms that share our planet. The method by which energy is transferred from the sun to all known life forms, the replication of these forms through the duplication of DNA & their growth & reproduction are explored.