Cycle 5 Lesson Groups

5th Grade Trombone 5A

Next lesson: 3/9

Period 7

lip slur #1, 

MOS page 18



7th Grade Trumpet 5B

NL: 3/9

Period 8

Assignment: Measures of Success book 2, page 19

lip slurs 1+2..try starting valves 1+2 and working backwards to get to the high notes. 

ADD Lip slur #3! 

Concert Bb, Concert Ab, Concert F scales! 

Old assignments:

 Page 4, lip slurs 1+2

scales: C, Bb

 Assignment: Page 5

7th Grade Percussion 5C

Next lesson: 3/9

period 1

Page 10 reading gain. Practice in smaller chnks

5 scales: C, F, Bb, Eb, G

practice C chromatic scale.....memorize it

Snare #54, and Syncopation book page 22


Old assignments:

Snare #21 (practice 16ths, then 16th as rolls (buzz),  then 16ths as paradiddles

Snare #26

Page 5 Mallets (all)

5 scales: C, F, Bb, Eb, G

Yellow book page 6. 

Assignment: Rudiment packet. Practice every rudiment marked with at "II"

6th Grade Woodwind 5D

Next lesson: 3/9

Per: 3

Scales: concert Bb, Concert Eb

MOS page 29. Playing test on 4.16

Old Assignments:

page 21

Page 13

Page 12

Page 11

page 10