Cycle 1 Lesson Groups

7th Grade Alto 1A


Next lesson: 2/24

period 3

Use a tuner to tune your instrument. Then do octaves and tune your upper octave.

page 28

G, C, F, Bb, D , A scales

 Old assignments:

page 13

Page 12

Page 11

Page 10

4 scales 


6th Grade Clarinet B

Next lesson: 2/24

Period: 7

 Page 38

Practice your A, B, C's!

Practice high B and C and add to your C scale!

C scale, Waterfall, pop ups. Practice low F and low E, then doing pop up!

6th Grade Percussion 1C

Next lesson: 2/24

Period: 8

 Page 46 again with focus on counting and stickings that we wrote in our parts.

Bb, Eb, Ab, C, F, C chromatic scale

snare 16th note worksheet work on lines 5- end. Please write in counting!



practice 9 stroke, 13 stroke rolls, paradiddles, flams.




Old Assignments:

flam, drag, paradiddle, 9 stroke roll, and 17 stroke roll

Bb, Eb, C scales

Page 37

Page 36 all

Page 36: 5.13, 5.14 

Page 35 for mallets

page 28a for snare. 

7th Grade Percussion 1D

Next lesson: 2/24

Period: 1

Snare #14 and #16

Rudiments: practice rolls with primary (skeleton) first

1. 9 stroke, 17 stroke, 5 stroke, 13 stroke

2. single 4, single 6, paradiddle, 

3. Flam, flam tap, flam accent, drag, ratamacue 

metronome =112

Mallets: page 10

Major scales and their relative natural minor scale (start on the 6th note and use the same key)