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Mr. Pecor - Lessons

Cycle 1 Group A

6th Grade Flute Cycle 1 A -

Next Lesson:    12/19
period:                    8
Assignment: Overtone Exercise -  Eb, E F, F#, G, Ab, A, Bb, B, C, C#, D
pg. 45 Syncopation!!!

Memorize Eb scale and F Scale (pg. 51 in book)       

Cycle 1 Group B

6th Grade Clarinet Cycle 1 B

Next Lesson:           12/19
Period                            1

Lesson Assignment:
Pop-ups, scales, C scale up high

 pg. 43 and 44

 High Note Naming Help:  http://www.musictheory.net/exercises/note

Work on the c scale with the high B and C fingerings

Cycle 1 Group C

6th Grade Clarinet 1 C

Next lesson:            12/19
Period                           3

Pg. 42.  Note name and finger!!!!  HUGE!!!  Add the F scale to your scales and your G scale:  F# is in the key signature.

Cycle 1 Group D

8th Grade Trumpet Cycle 1 D

Next Lesson:                  12/19
Period:                                 6

Lip Slurs, 7 Scales (adding your Eb and A scale to the example)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOXqssDzo1Y&feature=youtu.be   ,

Pg. 53-26

D - fingered with the 3rd valve slide out.


Cycle 2 Group A

6th Grade Trumpet Cycle 2 A

Next Lesson:                  12/20
Period:                                  8

Scales (your C and Bb Scale and D Scale...concert Bb and Concert Ab and concert C on pg. 51), Lip Slurs,
MOS:  Page 42

 D Scale - D E F# G A B C# D

Cycle 2 Group B

5th Grade Flute Group 2 B

Next Lesson:                 12/20
Period:                                 1

MOS:  Pg. 14

Cycle 2 Group C

5th Grade Baritone

Next Lesson:                  12/20
Period:                                 3

Practice Buzzing, tounging, Practice Bb, C, D, and Eb With your fingering chart,
pg. 12


Cycle 2 Group D

8th Grade Trumpet Cycle 2 D

Next Lesson:                12/20
Period:                               6

Pg. 4.27-5.1  Long tones up high.  All 7 scales (C, D, Eb, F, G, A, and Bb)

Cycle 3 A

6th Grade Baritone/trombone

Next Lesson:                12/21
Period:                               8

Lip Slurs, Long Tones
MOS:  Pg. 42  Nice lesson today (12/13)
  Also, Bb and Ab scales (see reference on page 51).  Use the recordings as you practice!  They will help!


Cycle 3 Group B

5th Grade Clarinet

Next Lesson:                 12/21
Period:                                1

Play on mouthpiece and Barrel, try to get F# on a tuner. 
MOS:  2.13-2.18

Cycle 3 Group C

5th Grade Clarinet Cycle 3 C

Next Lesson:            12/21
Period:                            3

Practice mouthpiece and Barrel.  Aim for an F# on a tuner.  Work on assembling instrument and notes, C, D, E, F, and G. 
MOS:  page 13

Cycle 3 Group D

8th Grade Low Brass Cycle 3 Group D

Next Lesson:                12/21
Period:                               6

Scales (5 from last year), lip slurs, long tones,

MOS:  pg. 11 


Cycle 4 Group A

6th Grade Trumpet Cycle 4 Group A

Next Lesson:                   12/14
Period:                                    7

Lip Slurs, Scales, Long Tones.  C and Bb scale.  Check my scale page from my website if you need help!!!
MOS: PG. 45
Add your D scale  You can find it here:


Cycle 4 Group B

5th Grade Trombone Cycle 4 Group B

Next Lesson:                 12/14
Period:                                8

MOS:  2.4-2.7


Cycle 4 Group C

5th Grade Sax Cycle 4 C

Next Lesson:                  12/14
Period:                                  1 

MOS:  pg. 2.5-2.8

Cycle 4 Group D

7th Grade Trumpet Cycle 4 D

Next Lesson:            12/14
Period:                           3

Scales, Pg. 11 
All five scales.  C, G, F, D, Bb

Cycle 5 Group A

6th Saxophone Cycle 5 A

Next Lesson:               1\2
Period:                               8

Pg. 6.5-6.10, Overtone exercises,
D Scale (concert F...can be found on bottom of page 51):  D, E, F#, G, A, B, C#, D (and backwards)

Cycle 5 Group B

5th Grade Trumpet Cycle 5 B

Next Lesson:               1/2
Period:                              1

pg. 2.14-2.19 Plus lip Slurs (0, 2, 1, 1 +2)


Cycle 5 Group C

6th Grade Tuba Cycle 5 C

Next Lesson:             12/15
Period:                             1

MOS:  Page 31

Cycle 5 Group D

7th Grade Trumpet Cycle 5 D

Next Lesson:                   1/2
Period:                                 7

Scales YOUR Bb, C, and D Scales add the F and G scales (CONCERT C, Bb, and Ab...add Concert Eb and F Scales), lip slurs, long tones,
Pg. 2.16+ page 13


Cycle 6 Group A

6th Grade Horn Cycle 6 A

Next Lesson:                       1/3
Period:                                     8

Page 39

Cycle 6 Group B

5th Grade Percussion Cycle 6 Group B

Next Lesson:             1/3
Period:                           1

Page  2.12-2.18

Cycle 6 Group C

7th Grade Tuba Cycle 6 Group C

Next Lesson:                  1/3
Period:                                 3 

Lip Slurs, Long Tones Pg. 11

Cycle 6 Group D

7th Grade Low Brass Cycle 6 D

Next Lesson:             1/3
Period:                          7

Scales Bb, Eb, C, and Ab and add F scale(All Scales can be found on page 50 or on our website), Lip Slurs, Long tones
MOS:  14 and 17


Trombone Scales:


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