Mr. Pecor - Lessons

Monday Group A

Clarinet A: Pg.11 + 12

Monday Group B

Clarinet B: pg. 30

Monday Group C

Alto/Horn:  Pg. 20-21.  Write in the counting for each example underneath and count it with a metronome.  And play

Monday Group D

7th Grade Brass B: pg. 22
1. Practice the assigned page
2.  Pay attention to the way that you use your tongue so that you can describe it.
3.  Find three videos or articles for the internet that explain how to tongue on your instrument.  Make note of anything that is new for you or that clarifies the concept in a way that I haven't.



Tuesday Group A

Trombone:  Pg. 36  First 3 scales found here:

Tuesday Group B

5th Grade Alto:

Examples: pg. 35 and 36.  Beware of key signatures and tonguing!!!!  Practice.  Then practice with recordings!!!

Tuesday Group C

5th Grade Baritone/Tuba



Tuesday Group D

7th Grade Brass A:  4.7 + pg. 27


Wednesday Group A

 Clarinet A

Pg. 29 - excluding the second example.


Wednesday Group B

Clarinet B

Examples:  4.22-4.28

Wednesday Group C

Fifth Grade Flute

Pg. 28

Wednesday Group D

5th Grade Percussion

Mallets - Example 3.25
Snare - 20a and 20b

Listen to the flam:

Good Video on how to play.  Notice the one stick is always higher than the other:


Thursday Group A

5th Grade Trombone

Mr. Pecor's kids - examples 4.9-4.14

Thursday Group B

5th Grade Trumpet

pg. 37

Thursday Group C

6th Grade WW

pg. 31 and 34

Thursday Group D

8th Grade Low Brass

Enjoy D.C. - We will work on Quartets when you return!

Friday Group A

Friday Group B

Friday Group C

Friday Group D

8th Grade Trumpets:

Seriously...Just practice anything.  Anything related to the trumpet!!!

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