• Cycle Days at GFMS

    Monday, Oct 16 - Day 3

    Tuesday, Oct 17- Day 4

     Wednesday, Oct 18- Day 5

    Thursday, Oct 19- Day 6

    Friday, Oct 20- Day 1

    George Fischer Middle School
  • Meningococcal Vaccine

    This vaccine is now required for students in grades 7, 8 and 12. Please call your child's Doctor with any questions.

    George Fischer Middle School

    George Fischer Middle School
  • Welcome to the Principal's Office

    George Fischer Middle School

Clarinet Resources

Clarinet pop-ups ROUND 1 -  clarinet popups round 1.pdf 

Clarinet pop-ups ROUND 2 - the "LET GO"  clarinet popups round 2 register let go.pdf 

Clarinet 3rd (altissimo) register pop-up exercises with fingerings!  clarinet popups.pdf 

Flute Resources

Flute Octave Exercise sheet click -  flute exercises.pdf 

Flute Harmonic Exercises - step 2 for flute players  flute harmonic exercises.pdf 

Trombone Players - Lip Slur Chart