Greetings Artists! Please note, this page is for GFMS students who want to do extra enrichment in ART. Anyone is welcome to do these projects, but they are especially geared towards students who would have been in Art 4th quarter, and for 4th quarter Art Club members. Assignments will be posted every Friday. If you complete an assignment, I would LOVE to see it. You can email it to me (if you want to) at  

This week's assignment is:

The Color Blue
Go on a scavenger hunt around your house, searching for things you can use for an art project, but only things that are BLUE. Blue pens, blue pencils, blue markers, blue paint, blue pictures cut out of a magazine, glue to glue those with, ANYTHING blue, that you could make something out of. Then, create an artwork all about the color blue. It could be drawings or a collage of things that are blue, or an abstract blue design, or an expression of the feeling of blue. Use your imagination to create an artwork with the theme "blue". 

1. Go outside. 2. Pick a flower. 3. Get the largest piece of paper you can find (You're back inside now.) 4. Draw the flower on the piece of paper so that it is SO BIG that it goes right off the edges. 5. Use any art materials you have to add color to your flower. PS...Shhh...May 10 is Mother's Day. This could make a really nice gift. Just a suggestion! Please send your finished artwork to me! Miss Lynne

For the upcoming week, we are going to do a similar project, but we're taking it outdoors. This time you are going to collect objects from nature, such as small rocks, twigs, leaves, bark, etc. You will then create an artwork out of your objects. You can use glue, tape, etc. to create a standing up sculpture, or you can work flat on a piece of paper and glue the objects down to create a picture or design of your choice. Note, you are not just collecting stuff and taking a picture of a pile of objects. You will use the objects to create a work of ART. Have fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Hello Art Students, First, a reminder....This Friday 5/22 at 12:00 noon, we will be having an Art Trivia Contest in our Team (Miss Lynne's Art Class). This will be a live event, so you will need to get on our team at that time to participate. This will not be a video event, so you can show up as you are! It is not mandatory, but I hope to see you there! Great job on this week's assignments. I loved seeing your work. If you haven't submitted yet, do so any time! We will have 3 more weeks of assignments. So, we are going to do a 3 part assignment. Please be aware that the following assignment will be needed for the one after that, so keep it somewhere you can find it once it's complete. The assignment is: Draw 12 squares on a piece of paper. Go around your house on a pattern scavenger hunt. You can look for patterns on floor tiles, curtains, upholstery (that's the fabric that covers some furniture), wooden cabinets, dishes, comforters, etc. In each box, draw a pattern that you find. Focus on the DETAILS. I have attached a sample one that I started so you can see how the boxes should look. I drew in my first pattern. It's from a pillow cover in my living room. Please post your assignment when it is finished, and then remember to keep it in a safe place! Have Fun!