Cycle 6 Lesson Groups

6th Grade Tuba 6A

Next lesson: 3/2

Period: 3

Assignment: Page 30, B flat scale every time you play,

Finger twister sheet

Lip into a tuner. It will help you find your pitches.

7th Grade Brass 6B

Next lesson: 3/2

Period 7

Assignment: PAGE 13 and 14

Finger/arm twisters 3.1 worksheet

Concert Bb (trumpet c), concert Ab (trumpet Bb), Concert F (trumpet G), concert Eb (trumpet F) Be careful of the notes affected by the key signature that we wrote down. 



Old Assignment:

MOS book 2 page 3. Lip slur sheet #1 and #2 


8th Grade Trumpet 6C

Next lesson: 3/2

Period 8


page 20

lip slurs -3, 5 scales. Practice the upper octave G scale.




Old Assignment:

page 9, F chromatic

page 8

Student Instrumentalist P.6 + 7

Lip slur sheet #1-3

5 scales

8th Grade Brass 6D

Next lesson: 2/21

Period: 8

Assignment: MOS book 2, page 13

lip slur 1, 2, 3

Concert Bb, Concert Ab, Concert F scales! Use your scale sheet.