Cycle 4 Lesson Groups

5th Grade Percussion 4A

Next lesson: 2/6

Period:  8

Page  18 

practice full strokes on snare pad.

Bb scale


5th Grade Trumpet 4B

Next lesson: 2/6

Period: 1

Page 18

Finger twisters!

lip slur #1 found here:  brass lip slur parts 2.pdf (just page 1 for trumpet #1. Do valve combos open, 2, 1, 1+2)



5th Grade Alto 4C

Next lesson: 2/6

period 3

Measures of Success page 18

BEWARE F natural

8 notes on fingering chart

8th Grade Percussion 4D

Next lesson: 2/6

Period: 3

All NYSSMA level II rudiments

 Page 10

Snare: 30, 32, 33


7 scales: F, Bb, Eb, Ab, C, G, D, C chromatic scale

 Old assignments:

Green book #21. Play 16ths normally, then as paradiddles, then as buzzes


Choose a song in yellow book to work on and play in next lesson.