Cycle 3 Lesson Groups

6th Grade Brass 3A

Next lesson: 2/26


 Page 27

 Bb scale in long tones. Pause between each note.

Download tuner app or purchase a tuner. Use it to help you find your notes more accurately.

Bb scale in 4 quarter notes. Pause between each note

Lip slur sheet #1 and #2

6th Grade Trumpet 3B

Next lesson: 2/26

Period: 7

Lip slur #1 and #2 .. do slur 2# (C - G - C) up high.start #3 with valves 1+2 and work backwards 

Ab, G, and Bb scales. 

Page 5.23 beware Eb

7th Grade Low Brass 3C

Next lesson: 2/26

Period: 7

Lip slurs #1 #2 #3, #4 (you can work backwards)

Concert Bb,  F, Ab, and C scales on scale sheet.

Page 14

Old Assignments:

Page 1.23 Hungarian Dance + 9  in MOS book 2

Page 6

 Page 5

Page 4 



Bring in MOS book two and Student Instrumentalist book 1

8th Grade Percussion 3D

Next lesson: 2/26


-Yellow book 12 (the page with octave rolls)


Snare #33

Mallet scales C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, G, D add CHROMATIC scale


Old Assignments:

yellow page 7

yellow page 6

Yellow book 5

green book Snare: #21, 24, 25, 26, ...practice normally, then practice 16th notes as paradiddles, then practice the 16ths as rolls (buzz them)

Rudiment packet: all level 2 (II) rudiments.

Sticking combos 1-6. Practice with a metronome at 100.

Mallet scales C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, G, D