Playing Practice Card

Here is the weekly Playing Practice Card  NEW updated 2017 practice card.pdf 
- students should complete this along with the written practice card (see weekly practice card box)

Students should follow the steps on this practice card for each example they are practicing
 5th grade weekly practice card.pdf 


5th grade Handbook

 5th grade Handbook.pdf 

Supply List

5th grade Supply List  5th grade supply list.pdf 

Weeks 1 - 2 of practicing

Click on this link to go to the flipped classroom page -
- watch the videos on how to buzz and practice on your mouthpieces headjoint & mouthpiece practice

Instrument Finger Charts

Please open the file located  here - Instrument introduction fingering charts.pdf 
print ONLY the page for your instrument group

Flipped Classroom page & assignments

How to Practice Videos

Please go here and find the "How to practice video" for your instrument

how to practice
- scroll down to the bottom right to see the videos

Instrument Fingering Chart

Please print off the page only for your instrument 

 Instrument introduction fingering charts.pdf