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Cycle 1 (B) - 8th Grade Sax/Horn

Sax: practice tuning your octaves with a tuner every time you play

Page 17

Scales: Concert F, Bb, Eb, as well as concert G natural and harmonic minor (they are on page 12)


Next Lesson: 12/19 Period 1

Cycle 1 (D) - 8th Grade percussion

Snare: #18-19


Please video these rudiments: with both stickings (left and right hand leads)

Flam, Flam tap, Paradiddle, Double Paradiddle, 9 Stroke roll, 17 Stroke roll, 5 Stroke roll

Next Lesson 12/19, Period 6

Cycle 2 (B) - 8th Grade Sax

Practice tuning your octaves with a tuner every time you play.

p. 16

2 octave d, and f major scales


Next Lesson: 12/20 Period 1

Cycle 2 (D) - 8th Grade percussion

C scale and triad in 2 octave

Video submission: p.11 AYRE

Video Submission: video these rudiments if you haven't already:

Flam, Flam tap, Paradiddle, Double paradiddle, 9 Stroke roll, 17 Stroke roll, 5 Stroke roll

SNARE: #19.

Next Lesson: 12/20 Period 6

Cycle 3 (B) - 6th Grade Trombone/Baritone

Always start your practicing with lip slurs, and the Bflat scale in long tones, then quarter notes

MOS: p.20

Next Lesson: 12/13 period 8

Cycle 3 (D) - 7th Grade Percussion

C scale, F scale, B flat scale

Snare: #30 green book 

Video Submission: Flam, flam tap, paradiddle, double paradiddle, 9 stroke roll, 17 stroke roll. London bridge (mallets)

Next Lesson: 12/13 period 3

Cycle 4 (B) - 6th Grade Trumpet

 Lip Slurs

P. 24


Next Lesson: 12/14 Period 8

Cycle 4 (D) - 7th Grade Percussion

 C scale, 2 octaves, Bflat scale 2 octaves

 Snare #21 write in the counting as well

Video Submission: C triad in 2 octaves

Next Lesson: 12/14 Period  3


Cycle 5 (B) - 5th Grade Trumpet

Next Lesson 12/15 Period 8

Cycle 5 (D) - 6th Grade Percussion

Snare: p.21b work on buzzes

Mallets: p.23-24

Video: Dry bones or Zum Gali gali


Next lesson: 12/15

Period 3



Cycle 6 (B) - 5th Grade Percussion

Page 10. Be sure to practice the songs in smaller sections (a few notes at a time) before you play the entire song.

Next Lesson: 12/18 Period 1


Cycle 6 (D) - 6th Grade Percussion

Snare: p.21b

Mallets: p.23

Video: Long Long ago (on p.23)


Next lesson: 12/18 Period 1